Kelly’s Bridals’ Open House & Gown Sale

You might have heard about our first ever open house & gown sale, but you might not have RSVP’d for it. It’s just two days away, and we thought we’d give your hesitations a little push. :P

We make a whooping 60 – 80 new dresses per  year, which is more than any wedding studios do locally. Typically, we sell our dresses to other wedding studios as our dresses are often used just once or twice from bespoke brides! So these are the dresses that would be rented at a higher price in other studios. This year, we want to offer the discount to our individual brides.

Now when we first decided to do a gown sale, it came as a simple idea: Lets sell some of our gowns to make space for more gowns next year. And then we want a little more. We though, “Right we’re doing a sale, lets try to get some MORE goodies for our dear clients.” We started reaching out to 1 vendor per category for your wedding needs.

Today, our sale has gotten bigger than we’d have ever imagined.

We managed to get MAC cosmetics on board, where you’d be given exclusive vouchers to purchase their beauty products for your big day! Now if you are a makeup fanatic, you’d know that MAC have literally no sales!! We’re so excited for you!

We also managed to get in Angeli Catering company, that’d be offering a dinner spread of 8 dishes throughout our two days of sale! That is fantastic because even if you’re just dropping by for fun, you get a free dinner. (And trust us, Angeli’s food is DELICIOUS!) On top of that, they’d be offering our clients an exclusive 10% off voucher, that they’ve NEVER done before. This is something that you’d need on your wedding for sure. So if you’re suay and all the delicious food are wiped out before you reach us, you still get a 10% voucher to use for your wedding/birthday/party!

We also managed to get you free trial vouchers; or discount vouchers from The Chinese Wedding Shop, Lizflorals, Scissors Art hair place, Tease. Nails salon, Venus Beauty Century, AROF and more.

On our end, Kelly’s Bridals will be releasing a minimum of 200 pieces of gowns on sale for you to choose from. On top of that, we’re doing up special packages that are available for the two days only, with vendors like lighted pixels pixies, Wendy Soh makeup; Makeup maestro, ShaneC photography, Andri Tei photography, Bittersweet Photography and more!

Here’s why you’d REGRET not joining us:

1. We’ve chosen our vendors so carefully for you that if you miss our sale, you’re literally spending around 2k+ more on your wedding stuffs.

2. You’re not going to have much chances of having a great dinner for free innit. :)

3. You just will….

Right you get it. :P RSVP here!! :D

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