Australia Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Couples that travel together, stay together – We love that saying, and it is probably true!

Kelly’s Bridals is beyond proud to present a series of destination pre-wedding photoshoot this year, for anywhere you’re travelling to.

Yes – Anywhere-You-Want-To-Go. In this post, we’re sharing a package that includes photoshoot for Australia. We’d update the other locations as soon as they’re available! 

Meanwhile, feel free to inquire for other locations here: info@kellysbridals.com

Australia Pre-wedding Photoshoot: S$2988

  • 2 x Gowns
  • 1 x Suit
  • 1 x Makeup & Hairdo
  • 1 x Full day of shoot in Australia (Sydney / Perth / Melbourne / Tasmania)
  • 150 x Images edited and returned
  • 1 x 24” Canvas print
  • Air ticket and accommodations for photographer
  • No GST, no hidden fees!
  • Additional day of shoot available!

To enjoy the promotion, simple email us, call us, or facebook message us to make an appointment! *Limited slots!*
Tel: +65 6581 6538
Email: info@kellysbridals.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kellysbridals/

Here’re some photos of our lovely couple, taken in Australia! <3


Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-6 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-8(2) Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-29 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-32 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-62 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-66 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-72 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-76 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-93 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-107 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-122 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-125 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-135 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-139 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-155 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-163 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-165 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-180 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-185 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-189 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-192 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-203 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-206 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-214 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-216 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-225 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-228 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-229 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-230 Celestine+&+Johny+-+Perth-245

circa October 2017

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