A change in the bespoke policy

Bespoke Gown is so popular at Kelly’s Bridals because we give an extremely flexible service for a fantastic price. We’re the only wedding studio that allows for both rent/buy options for bespoke wedding dresses, and as a result 100% of our gowns are custom made.

In 2013, about 20% of our customers took up bespoke dresses. This year, over 70% of our customers opted to make their wedding dress with us, fully bespoke. We are truly grateful to our past customers for faithfully recommending us to their friends and family, and to our current customers for their continued faith in our dressmaking.

We understand that brides may be indecisive and they want changes to the dress. However every little change that you want incurs time and money. Our willingness to go the extra mile for our customers means that we have always been very liberal in terms of the degree of alterations we allow for our bespoke services. For the sake of our customers, we have even pulled off miracles like carrying out a complete re-engineering of a bespoke dress from start to finish in two-and-a-half weeks—the kind of dedication that you’d be hard-pressed to find from another wedding studio in the country. But in the long run this is not a sustainable approach for us. It introduces significant stress into our creative process and incurs too much overheads. This also jeopardizes other brides’ waiting time for their bespoke pieces.

We’ve also experienced some unpleasant issues, such as clients disappearing after a significant amount of work was done. When situations like these happen it is not only demoralising for all of us at Kelly’s Bridals who have invested personally and emotionally into your vision for your wedding day, but even penalises us in a financial sense, when customers disappear without compensating us for work done.

From 15th December 2017, we will be introducing some price and policy adjustments for our bespoke dress services. These changes will allow us to serve our loyal customers with the trademark quality that they expect from Kelly’s Bridals. For our existing clients, there will be no changes in the pricing to your bespoke dresses.

Pricing wise, we will adjust our current prices to more realistically account for labour costs. We’ve always calculated our pricings based on fabric requirements, as well as a basic labour cost and we are strict with our bespoke costings. However, we have still significantly underestimate the hours that goes into your bespoke dress.

Policy wise, we will enforce more strictly our existing policies, as well as add a few new ones: (a) a deadline after which no major changes can be made to a dress. (b) a fixed set of changes that can be made to a dress once we have started work on it. (c) a fixed number of fittings allowed for a bespoke dress.

Once again we thank all our clients for supporting us, and any changes that we are making at Kelly’s Bridals are to allow us to serve you better.

circa December 2017

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